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Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of  the HSUS says it best,” Our diet matters. We vote for or against cruelty, and for or against food safety, with our own food choices every day.”  Read his perspective on the latest egg recall.

It’s a weighty matter!

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Who among us has not tried to lose weight at some point in their life? There is the high protein diet, the low fat diet, the cabbage diet, the beet diet…the list goes on. It often seems that unless you are on the high protein diet, eggs are out of the picture. However, research suggests that eating eggs can actually contribute significantly to weight loss efforts. According to a study from the Rochester Centre for Obesity in America, eating eggs for breakfast could help to limit your calorie intake throughout the rest of the day, by more than 400 calories!

If that’s not enough to get you crackin,’ look closely at what a single egg contributes to daily nutrition:

Nutrient Name %DV Nutrient Name %DV
Calories 4% Proteins 13%
Fat 8% Cholesterol 70%
Vitamin A 5% Vitamin D 4%
Vitamin E 2% Thiamin 2%
Riboflavin 14% Folate 6%
Vitamin B6 4% Vitamin B12 11%
Pantothenic Acid 7% Manganese 1%
Calcium 3% Iron 5%
Magnesium 2% Phosphorus 10%
Potassium 2% Sodium 3%
Zinc 4% Copper 3%
Selenium 23% Fiber 0%


So trade in your bagel for a couple of eggs!

Raising Chickens Can Increase Email Volume!

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On Monday I was VERY popular! About a dozen emails from friends who wanted to share the Egg Recall story arried in my inbox. (550 MILLION eggs have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.  Read the official FDA press release.) In the beginning, some of these friends rolled their eyes at the idea of backyard chickens. Some just accepted it as another animal adventure with the city chick. Without a doubt, at this moment in salmonella history, ALL are now very interested in my fabulously fresh and delicious eggs!

Raise your own chickens for the freshest eggs!So what happened to cause this egg problem? While the answer can be found in many lengthy books on factory farming, in short, 90 percent of our eggs come from factory farms where hens are shoved into a cage with no more room than sheet of paper, their beaks cut off, living in their own manure and are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Top that off with a side of ineffective and inefficient government regulation.  Bottom line: sick and tortured chickens = bad eggs and bad meat….not to mention bad karma and ethical and environmental concerns. But I’ll get off my soap box…

It seems that lately our food supply has been in question on a regular basis. What’s a person to do?  One (that being me) would like to think that going vegetarian would be the answer.  But even our mass produced veggies are covered in muck or chemicals.

Since this blog is about the delightful chickens in my backyard, my recommendation would be to raise your own chickens for eggs.  You then know what goes in them, how they’re treated and how tasty, and more importantly SAFE, their eggs are!  Sadly, everyone can’t have chickens.  So here is a really great article about how to buy “healthy” eggs.  If you can’t buy eggs from a neighbor or local organic farmer, at a minimum you will have a basic education on what’s available at your local supermarket.