About The Chick In The City

My name is Susan Deisenroth.  I have resided in the city of Atlanta, Georgia since 1976.

My interest in chickens is relatively new while my interest in animals began shortly after birth. Our most informative years are during childhood where we learn about the world around us from our parents, other people in our lives and the physical environment in which we exist.  I was born in Santa Barbara, California and spent almost 10 years there.  Who I really am was highly influenced by those years in California and by my mother over the course of my entire life.


Me and my grandparents in 1975 at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

Ahhhh, sunny California, home to never-ending fresh fruit and vegetables, a slew of marine and other animals and a melting pot of people. California is the place to go to do anything you like, whether it’s becoming a movie star, a farmer, a techno geek in the valley or a beach bum. I love the fearlessness of the California people. I love their acceptance of all people.

Moving to Georgia was a bit of a culture shock. The kids in school made fun of me because I ate vegetables and wanted to hang out with ALL the kids rather than those of a particular “group.” I didn’t really get it, but I survived with the help of Coach Mom who taught me a lot of life lessons about people. With that being said, I still spent a good portion of my life trying to “fit in” and I tried on many new “outfits” and personas. It was only in my very late thirties that I circled back to my roots and have returned at least in part to that “nature girl” from Cali. I even went vegetarian a number of years ago after studying the effects of factory farming on animals, humans and the environment. 

Still loving the city and all its steel and concrete splendor, I do at the same time feel a desire to connect with and protect the earth and the animals (and even the historic buldings) we’ve pushed out of our way in the interest of progress.  I am an avid promoter of rescuing animals and have 3 rescued dogs, 2 rescued cats…along with a pond of fish and backyard chickens.

The grown up part of me works as the Director of Online Marketing at a large health system in the northwest suburbs of Atlanta. That’s right, while I am perfectly at home sitting in the chicken coop and digging in my garden, I am also extremely interested in web and other technology and how it makes our lives better.

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  1. ReadersHeaven
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 02:22:52

    Hi, nice to meet you !


  2. missmishma
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 23:40:03

    Hi, My name is Karishma Mehrotra and I am writing a story about the trend of backyard chickens in Atlanta. I would love to interview you for my story – please let me know if that it at all possible! My email is kmehrot@emory.edu


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